Sales & Loan Associate

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Job Description
Hourly rates inclusive of commissions average $9.11 to 12.83 per hour. Starting base pay with no sales experience is $8/hr with 40-45 hours being offered. (weekly base pay of $320-380, not including commission ). Previous experience and/or ability to speak Spanish will elevate your starting pay. After successful training period, new hires receive $1/hr pay increase to base rate . PLUS you earn a tiered sales commission : 2% of sales $1-5999; bonus up to $120/ month 3% of sales $6000-9999; bonus $180-300/ month 4% of sales $10,000+; bonus $400 , sell $15,000, bonus is $600, etc. Paid sick time, vacation, holiday pay, free life insurance policy, health insurance benefits are offered for all full time employees after 90 days of employment
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