Front-End Engineer (Intermediate)

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You have a passion for your craft and are always striving to refine, improve, and expand your skillset. Your strong attention to detail means you take pride in creating high-quality work, and you consider yourself a self-starter who thrives with autonomy and little oversight. You enjoy experimenting to improve your work, your workplace, and the world around you, and you’re eager to be coached by, to collaborate with, and to learn from your coworkers. You’re excited about the prospect of building a killer software engineering team from the ground up. ? You want to be part of a company and a team where there is tons of room to grow and a big opportunity to create change. You understand and believe that diversity makes teams stronger, and you’re eager to participate in building and supporting a strong, inclusive company culture. ? Compensation: Threatcare has created an Open Salary Formula to ensure fair, competitive salaries for every employee across the organization. Based on our formula, candidates for Front End Engineer can expect a salary offer between $74,000 and $111,000, depending on your skills and experience. ? Technologies we use: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Ruby, Rails. ? Skills and Qualifications: * You have professional front-end development experience (2+ years will set you apart).? * You've built user interfaces in an agile environment.? * Fluency with HTML, CSS3, and Javascript.? * Experience with React.? * You enjoy working on a team or on your own.? * You’re comfortable learning and assessing technologies or styles you haven’t used before.? * You have experience in an agile product delivery life-cycle.? ? Responsibilities: * Discover, define, and implement front-end solutions in JavaScript and React.? * Meaningfully contribute to project task discoveries and reviews.? * Own the life cycle of project tasks (discovery, implementation, deployment, review).? * Write clean, well-documented, and resilient code.? * Establish, own, and iterate on our software design methodologies, processes, and best practices within your respective area of expertise.? * Constantly work towards maximizing your peers’ ability to contribute value through coordination of project tasks, mentorship, and inclusion in feature discovery phases.? ? All Employees * Fair pay and a fully transparent, standardized salary formula? * Flexible working hours? * The opportunity to work from home every Friday? * Opportunities for professional growth? * A welcoming, diversity-minded culture? ? All Team Members * Health + Dental insurance? * Health Savings Account (HSA)? * Mental Health Reimbursement? * Stock options? * Unlimited, comprehensive paid time off that includes vacation, sick leave, mental health days, etc.? * 12 weeks paid parental leave for primary caregivers who have been at Threatcare for less than a year; 16 weeks paid parental leave for primary caregivers who have been at Threatcare for more than a year? * 6 weeks paid parental leave for secondary caregivers? ? We’re passionate about building a diverse and inclusive culture, and we’re looking for individuals with a range of backgrounds, interests, talents, and personalities. If some (but not necessarily all) of the below characteristics describe you, you’ll probably thrive and fit in well at Threatcare: * A deep sense of curiosity about the world around you.? * An innate drive for personal growth (both personally and professionally).? * A willingness to receive and provide constructive feedback and support any feedback you provide with thoughtful opinions and evidence.? * The ability to change directions and priorities quickly, without missing a beat.? * The drive to go above-and-beyond expected duties and responsibilities.? ? To apply, please submit the following to * 1-page resume? * Online links to something you’ve built or contributed to? * Your proudest accomplishment
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